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How to Avoid Control Gap with VFD Rotary Screw
Air Compressors

AZEK Compressed Air Project Enhances Reliability While Saving Energy

By Megan Orange and Jan Hoetzel, Airleader North America, and Dave Suder, Industrial Air Centers

The AZEK Company is a producer of durable and low maintenance building materials, and like many manufacturers, it found its compressed air system to be time consuming and expensive to keep maintained. But that changed after the company replaced its outdated and faulty compressed air system with a new design that includes technically advanced air compressors, dryers, receiver tanks – as well as controls to provide better control of the entire system and achieve optimal performance. Read article.


Networked Air Compressors Operate in Harmony at Automotive Manufacturer
By Stephen Parry, Bay Controls

When an automotive company added a new 200-horsepower (hp) rotary screw air compressor and accompanying dryer to a satellite building at its Chicago-area assembly plant, it needed a cost-effective way to integrate the equipment into its existing compressed air network. Doing so would allow plant personnel to easily monitor the air compressor’s performance and ensure it operates in harmony with the plant’s centrifugal air compressors. Importantly, it would contribute to efficient and reliabile air compressor operation at all times. Read article.




Smart Monitoring: The Power Behind Pneumatics Productivity
By Mark Densley, Emerson, and Justin Lesley, Motion Industries

In manufacturing and packaging facilities that rely on pneumatics, there’s a four-letter word worse than virtually any other: leak. Unidentified air leakage and unexpected maintenance in pneumatic systems are significant sources of revenue and productivity loss but identifying the cause of leakages and preventing unforeseen downtime is typically a challenge. Read article.


Automaker to Save $3.6 Million Over 10 Years with Outsourced Compressed Air
By Kurt Metzler, Universal Compressed Air

A major automotive company needed a newer and more efficient compressed air system at one of its manufacturing plants. The original system had been operating inefficiently with old equipment and controls. Faced with a major capital investment, the plant switched to a performance contracting model. Read article.


Chemical Plant Compressed Air Audit Using Cloud-based Software
By Rok Trelc, CALMS Air Inc.

A large chemical plant in Celje, Slovenia, planned to retrofit a kiln used to produce titanium dioxide. To make space for the new equipment related to the retrofit, the plant needed to relocate its high-pressure compressed air system feeding an adjacent pressing process used to dry the material before firing it in the kiln. However, a comprehensive compressed air audit using cloud-based software showed the plant did not need to relocate the system. Read article.

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