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Atlas Copco Launches Remodeled Oil-Injected G90-250 Range

Atlas Copco has launched the newly remodeled, oil-injected G90-250 range (125 to 335 horsepower). The new G range is the sister product of the advanced GA and GA+ ranges, completing the lineup in the company’s mid-large oil-injected horsepower category.

Atlas Copco G90-250

Atlas Copco’s newly remodeled, oil-injected G90-250 range.

The remodeled range features a new, more compact design and is built on the principles of simplicity, reliability and efficiency. It boasts a new element specifically designed for the range and offers increase in flow rates of up to 5% over the previous generation. The new design not only looks cool on the outside, but it also keeps cool on the inside — featuring a cool air zone that lowers the energy needed to efficiently compress air.

The updated G range is a strong, new contributor to Atlas Copco’s strategy of offering choice in all product ranges and ensuring customers are precisely matched with the perfect product for their needs. The new G range provides customers the option of either a fixed-speed design or the advanced, variable speed drive design. Air-cooled and water-cooled options are available, along with a range of auxiliary options designed to ensure the compressor performs well within each customer’s environment and aligns with their air demands.

“This is a tremendous new product for customers, especially those who need to balance their capital expenditure while still focusing on efficiency,” said Neal Mukherjee, vice president of Atlas Copco’s OFA division in the U.S. “This is part of a complete range we offer, and we have developed an array of tools to help customers understand which product fits their needs, both short and long-term, perfectly.”

Connectivity is ensured through the Elektronikon® controller, which was specially designed to maximize the performance of the customer’s compressor under a variety of conditions. The clear, intuitive display allows for easy interpretation of all key data. Customers can also connect to and monitor the compressor 24x7 via its built-in SMARTLINK capability. The new G90-250 range is available on Atlas Copco’s current zero-down financing programs.

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