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Atlas Copco Specialty Rental's Compressors Comply with EPA and Save on Stack Testing

Environmental regulations are becoming increasingly stricter and they are necessary to help us face the challenges and transformations that this decade presents upon us. Lower emissions, HAP (Hazardous Air Pollutants) thresholds aWIPnd carbon footprints are now goals and key performance indicators on everyone’s agenda, we see a need for reshaping the way we build our solutions in a more dynamic way.

 Atlas Copco PTS 1600

Atlas Copco Speciality Rental’s PTS1600 compressors maintain maximum power to 500 HP and stay below stack testing requirements.

As specified by the National Emission Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants for Stationary Reciprocating Internal Combustion Engines (RICE NESHAP) Stack Tests for compressor ignition engines larger than 500 HP in Major Sources must be performed initially and subsequently with annual or semiannual compliance performance tests and usage reports.

As necessary as they are, these tests can cause a heavy cost on producers, each test can stop a machine for about half a day and costs around $3,000 USD, for plants that have multiple Area source engines that exceed 500 HP annual costs for testing and derivatives, such as recordkeeping, data processing, reporting, replacement compressors, and technical support, become an unwanted burden, in some projects they choose to rent larger numbers of smaller compressors to maintain their productivity while complying with the RICE NESHAP requirements increasing their rental, fuel and operational costs.

Here in Atlas Copco Specialty Rental, we see a problem, and we develop a solution. We understand that markets, customer needs, challenges and technical requirements are constantly changing, that’s why we take the lead in reshaping solutions and our customers success, It’s our goal to reduce downtime and other associated costs to the end-users of our compressors. .

By maintaining the maximum power in our PTS1600 compressors to 500 HP, we can stay below the stack testing requirements and exceed the RICE NESHAP Standards of Performance for Major Sources, this EPA validated compressor output classification delivers instant savings in costly tests and documentation without losing any functionalities and keeping 1600 cfm free air delivery flow, say goodbye to stack tests.

Stay safe from complicated, time consuming and expensive tests, while remaining compliant and with the full power and reliability that Atlas Copco Specialty Rental’s Fleet will always offer. The Leaner PTS1600 T4F is good for the environment and good for your productivity.


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