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Champion Pneumatic Launches D/DRS Series Rotary Screw Compressors

Champion Pneumatic is expanding their product line by launching the new fixed speed D Series and the energy saving variable speed DRS Series rotary screw air compressors.

 Champion D/DRS Compressor

D/DRS Series compressors are ideal for continuous-use applications

These cost effective 5-200 horsepower (hp) compressors, offer a flow range of 16 to 926 cfm and working pressure up to 145 psig. D and DRS Series compressors are ideal for continuous-use applications with reduced noise levels as low as 63 dBA for customer satisfaction. These easy-to-use compressors feature convenient control solutions to monitor and simplify maintenance for reliable and efficient performance. D and DRS Series compressors feature clean, service-friendly designs.

The robust, semi-integrated airends and intuitive layouts, with minimized connections, spin-on oil filters and air/oil separators make these units maintenance friendly. Models available now include 40, 50, 75 and 100 hp fixed speed (D Series) and 50, 75 and 100 hp variable speed (DRS Series). Additional D and DRS Series products will be released, in the coming months, culminating in 5-200 hp rotary screw offering.


About Champion

Champion is part of Gardner Denver, a leading global manufacturer of highly engineered products. Champion provides the highest quality reciprocating and rotary air compressor systems, parts and service. Utilizing a century of experience in design and manufacturing air compressor systems, we know and understand the application of our products in many different operating environments. With the compressed air market’s widest breadth of compressed air products - reciprocating, rotary vane, rotary scroll, and rotary screw - choosing the right product for the application is key to continuing the success that was started in 1919. Champion has more than 500 authorized air compressor Distributors and Service Centers available to sell or service your compressed air system. For additional information please visit: