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FLEXIM Announces New Clamp-On Ultrasonic Measuring Systems

Energy is a key competitive factor within all industrial environments. With its clamp-on ultrasonic measuring systems FLUXUS F721 TE and FLUXUS G721 CA, FLEXIM offers the ideal solution for precise recording of fluid-based thermal energy flows. In contrast to wetted instrumentation, the non-invasive acoustic measurement distinguishes itself by its extremely large measuring dynamics and its high sensitivity even for low flow velocities. In addition, as the clamp-on ultrasonic transducers are simply mounted onto the outside of the pipe, they do not suffer any wear and tear by the medium flowing inside and therefore do not cause any maintenance effort.

FLEXIM Ultrasonic

FLEXIM offers the ideal solution for precise recording of fluid-based thermal energy flows.

Both measuring systems are based upon FLEXIM‘s high-performing and field-proven stationary ultrasonic flowmeter FLUXUS 721. The fieldbus systems of the measuring transmitter allow for bidirectional communication, parameterization, and online diagnostics.

The heat flow meters FLUXUS F721 TE have been designed for non-invasive measurement of thermal energy flows of virtually any liquid heat transfer media, from deionized water, water-glycol-mixtures to heat transfer oils at temperatures up to 750 °F and above. Its ultrasonic transducers cover a pipe diameter range from 0.5’’ to 60’’. Highly precise and paired (acc. to EN 1434 standard) temperature probes ensure the high accuracy of the energy measurement. In its dual-channel version, the FLUXUS F721 TE allows for simultaneous measurement on two different measuring points.

Ultrasonic flow measurement works independently of the flow direction with the same high accuracy. This characteristic is particularly beneficial when measuring compressed air. FLEXIM’s new FLUXUS G721 CA allows for precise balancing even in complex compressed air networks where flow directions can change depending on operation conditions. Non-invasive compressed air measurement on metal pipes requires a minimum pressure of 44 psia and covers pipe diameters from 0.6‘‘ to 9.8.‘‘ For compressed air measurement on plastic pipes, no minimum gauge pressure against ambient air pressure is required.

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