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New Clean Line Pneumatic ISO Cylinder from Aventics

The new CCL-IC series of compact pneumatic ISO cylinders are the first choice when it comes to limited installation space combined with increased hygiene requirements. Their hygienic design makes them ideal for applications in food and beverage.

With nine bore sizes, the CCL-IC series of compact pneumatic ISO cylinder covers the broadest range available on the market for a hygienically designed cylinder. The bore sizes range from 16mm to 100mm, with maximum strokes to 500mm, recorded by an especially sensitive proximity sensor from the ST6 family. The sensor rail is located on the outside at an offset of 90°, relative to the air connections to ensure optimum end position sensing even for short strokes.

Aventis Cylinder

The CCL-IC ISO cylinder bore sizes range from 16mm to 100mm.


The CCL-IC is easy to clean thanks to smooth surfaces, plus lightweight and compact to ISO 21287 standards. The universal mounting concept allows easy installation without additional mounting accessories. The weight-optimized profile tube, head and cap are made of anodized aluminum, with screws and a piston rod made of stainless steel. The scraper material and the lubricants are approved for food industry usage. Hygienic protective caps are supplied for unused mounting holes.

Numerous versions are available for flexibility of use: single and double acting, single or double rod end, and internally or externally thread rod versions. A comprehensive range of accessories complete the installation, and complements many other hygienic Aventics components, such as valves, air preparation and fittings.

For more information visit the CCL-IC web page.


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