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PREVOST Introduces New ½” Composite Body Safety Coupling

Prevost Corporation, an international manufacturer of pneumatic equipment recently added a new ½” composite body safety coupling to their line. With a larger ½” passage, service shops who maintain fleet or heavy-duty vehicles and industries, which require higher air requirements, will benefit from the increased flow rate capacity to power larger pneumatic tools and machinery.

Prevost coupling

The New ½” Composite Body Safety Coupling from PREVOST

Available for industrial, automotive and high flow profiles, the ½” Composite Body Safety Coupling is ISO 4414 compliant and is equipped with a one push, anti-hose whip technology for ultimate user safety. It is also guaranteed to be leak-free for three years when used with a PREVOST plug. The anti-scratch body protects production pieces and surrounding equipment. In addition, the coupling is anti-static, ideal for painting applications and is manufactured silicone-free. Lastly, it is ergonomic, lightweight and comfortable for all day use.

Technical Specifications:

Body: Polyamide composite

Flow under 87 psi: 974GPM (ΔP= 8.7 psi)

Weight: 6.25 oz.

Pressure: 29 to 174 psi



For over 40 years, PREVOST has been designing and manufacturing a comprehensive range of products for compressed air and fluid distribution systems. Innovation has always been the central pillar of PREVOST’s strategy and why we strive to develop top quality, safe and sustainable products. PREVOST specializes in safety couplings, blowguns, piping networks, air preparation and pneumatic equipment. For more information, visit