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Siemens Introduces Sinamics G120X Drive Series

Siemens now offers its Sinamics G120X, a simple, easy-to-use drive, designed for use in pump, fan, and compressor applications in industries such as water/wastewater, HVAC/R, irrigation/agriculture, and in industrial environments.

Sinamics G120X

Sinamics G120X easily integrates into existing applications.

Sinamics G120X has a power range of 1–700 horsepower and can operate in a temperature range from -4 °F to 140 °F (-20 °C to 60 °C) with any standard motor. An integral DC choke improves harmonics and EMC performance. The G120X is suitable for harsh environments and a high C2 or C1 EMC category ensures the drive can be reliably used in any kind of industrial and public networks.

The new drive meets all the latest UL, NEMA and EN/IEC standards for 2019 offering an operating efficiency level of over 98%. Its comprehensive range of integrated application-specific functions for pumps and fans ensures improved energy efficiency, performance, and minimal energy losses. The compact design saves space in the control cabinet and can also be easily integrated into MCC solutions.

“The Sinamics G120X offers outstanding ‘out-of-the-box’ ease of use and is simple to commission and operate using its high-resolution graphical color keypad, known as IOP-2, as well as the optional Wi-Fi-enabled Smart Access wireless module — both optimized for pump and fan applications,” said Nikunj Shah, Product Manager, Siemens, Digital Factory, US.

“Sinamics G120X drives offer an automatic restart function after power failures and the multi-pump/staging operation mode allows the user to control several pumps using just one drive. Its energy-saving mode automatically switches the motor on and off to save energy and reduce wear.  G120X also has built-in energy functions which display energy consumed, as well as energy saved,” he said.

Compatible with Mindsphere and the Mindsphere app, Analyze MyDrives, the G120X offers the opportunity to analyze valuable operating data gathered from the drive and enables the visualization and analysis of status information, providing users with valuable data, which can be used as the basis for process optimization and maintenance strategies.  Mindsphere is the cloud-based operating system from Siemens that connects products, plants, systems and machines, while enabling a user to harness a wealth of data.


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